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The great thing about music is that we can pick it up at any age; there is no age barrier for it. So whether you want your children’s or you to learn an instrument, it is never too late. At Family Music Studio offers a fantastic range of music classes for kids, kids’ piano classes, and for Easy Piano Chord System, covering everything from piano, guitar and keyboard, to singing. Playing the mouth-organ, and learning music theory.

Kids piano classes 

With our special approach, our expert tutors can teach your child and you individually or through group sessions. We place an enhanced on helping our pupils with progress at their own pace, and proudly offer classes at intermediate, beginners and advanced levels.

Embed classes to meet the specific needs of each pupil; our teachers follow the (AMEB) Australian Music Examination Board syllabus, renowned Easy Piano Chord System. We make learning to be remembering throughout life as enjoyable as possible by providing with expert guidance to help develop creative talent in well atmosphere.

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